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A Natural Flutter

3D-5D 100% Mink Lash Strips

Lash styles for every occasion


Sassy and sleek 17mm lash strip


Full Glam 25mm lash strip

Super Nova

Wispy doll 18mm lash strip

Brown Eyes

Lash Extension Removals

Natural health is priority

Young Model

Classic Lash Extensions

Customized for your needs

Artificial Eyelashes

Temporary Lash Extensions

Truly exceptional results


The Story of Blashville Lashes

A natural flutter

As a Certified Lash Technician, I believe in enhancing lashes with care! By promoting natural lash extensions and focusing upkeep, Blashville Lashes is guaranteed to make your lash wishes come true and keep your lashes growing healthy year round

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"


Success Stories

The After Effect

I was so excited to try lash extensions! Now, I'm hooked! I wake up every day feeling beautiful with no effort. Thank you Brooklynn for these lashes! I LOVE THEM!

Kaylah Santos

So gentle, I could have fallen asleep. Lashes last me 3-4 weeks before needing a fill. I love my lashes!

Alyssa Perry

I am literally in love with Blashville lash extensions. Super fly to keep me super cute. <3 

Alisha Brantley

I didn't want anything too dramatic as I am a working professional. Brooklynn nailed the look! So natural, looks like they are really my lashes. But the gag is... they're not! ahaha

Shannon Chatman

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